Looking back, looking forward…

I’m a tad excited.

I had the pleasure, this week, of being interviewed by my good friend and mentor, Simon Hall, for a piece on summer schools for none other than Writing Magazine.

This is exciting. Hugely so. Not only did Simon think of me when he needed a writer to interview (I kept thinking, ‘Me? Are you quite sure you want to talk to me?’), but it means my name will (potentially) feature in a magazine that I’ve been subscribing to for aaaaaaages.

It’s very very exciting.

And nerve wracking.

But mostly very exciting.

One of the best parts was talking to Simon about my writing career so far, not least the dramatic effect his teaching and support has had on it. It’s been a long old journey.

Writing Magazine is read by so many people trying to carve a career from doing this maddening thing they love. It’s insane to think my own story will potentially be read by some of these writers, may even inspire some to go to a writing festival, as I did, and receive the guidance that will help transform their art and their prospects.

Most of all I hope it sparks someone’s tenacity, gives someone the confidence to keep on going, to accept and acknowledge another goddamn rejection without defeat, because they know, eventually, an offer will come in.

As Simon taught me, the golden key to success is perseverance. And, in my humble experience, looking for help when you need it.
It’s been a mad three years for me. I think the next twelve months will be madder yet.


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