Oh, the places you’ll…write

Oh, the places you’ll go. I’ve been in Banbury this weekend, a quiet trip away to work and visit my mum. Embracing the cliché, I decided to write in cafes. The benefit of writing in a café away from home is that I can enjoy all of the normal writing in a café experience without… Continue reading Oh, the places you’ll…write


The Wobbles

As a writer, I spend my time making stuff up, writing it down and sending it off. I don’t spend very long looking inward, but rather looking outward, examining what I see and not who I am or, even, who I want to be. I have had, what I would describe, as a wobbly week. The reason… Continue reading The Wobbles



My sister, Alice, came to stay recently and we had a ball. The joy of close friends and family, or even better family who double up as close friends, is the frequency in laughter, the sheer joy of their company. All Alice and I have to do at the moment is tell each other, as… Continue reading In-Joke