Writing even when you don’t want to

The turning point in Agatha Christie’s career was the moment she stopped writing for pleasure and started looking at it as a job, writing even when she didn’t want to. Like most aspiring authors I have to fit writing into my normal day, which is already pretty full. There are days, though few and far… Continue reading Writing even when you don’t want to

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Happiness is…finishing the novel

I’ve finished it I’ve finished it I’ve finished it I’ve finished it. There is little else for me to say this week, other than: I’ve finished it! It’s still too long, and there is the odd tweak here and there that I will, erm, tweak in the coming week, but apart from that it is… Continue reading Happiness is…finishing the novel


Aaaah, my fictional babies

Today marks two years to the day that I first sat down and began writing this novel. Today is also, coincidentally, Mothers’ Day (in the UK) and, this week, I have  celebrated my son’s third birthday. All these birthdays and reminders of motherhood have got me thinking; writing a novel is a lot like parenting.… Continue reading Aaaah, my fictional babies