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The ups and downs of hero worship

Sharon Bolton has written a new book (Little Black Lies: I’ll be posting a review tomorrow by the by) It is very, very good. In fact, it so good I am very much intimidated as I sit here pondering my own work. It is needless to say that, in order to write well, you should… Continue reading The ups and downs of hero worship

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How superstitious can you get?

Those who follow me on twitter (@rebeccatinnelly, in case you’re interested) may be familiar with my recent pen struggle. I have a favourite pen. It is a black ball point pen with retractable nib picked up from a hotel lobby in Greece by my parents years and years ago. It is really comfortable to write… Continue reading How superstitious can you get?

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Dear confidence, please come back

After last week’s sad mourning over the loss of my first sentence I can now update you all to let you know that I have actually killed off the whole of the first chapter. It has been rewritten and is a lot better. Phew. Where has this flurry of deleting and rewriting come from, you… Continue reading Dear confidence, please come back