Preparing for my audience

I have accepted a challenge, courtesy of the evil genius Simon Hall. I have to read a section of my novel. Out loud. In public. And I am shitting myself. Any of you who’ve read this post know how difficult I find it letting my husband read my work, let alone reading it myself to… Continue reading Preparing for my audience


Community Spirit

Roll up, Roll up, who needs a pick-me-up? Who’s feeling lost in this world of writing? Who’s been worrying that it won’t happen, it will never happen, that no one is ever going to publish this book? I have just the remedy for you and it comes in the medicinal form of #WritersWise, courtesy of… Continue reading Community Spirit


Goodbye panic, hello euphoria!

This week I posted my submissions for the Winchester Writers’ Festival. Three agents from three very well respected agencies and the editorial director from one of my favourite publishers will be reading my work, ready to give me a brutally honest assessment next month, face to face. But something else happened this week, and it… Continue reading Goodbye panic, hello euphoria!


The less romantic truth about my writing….

I spend so much time wondering, hoping, despairing about how good a writer I am. I have to stop this. Why? Well, with four one-to-one appointments looming at the Winchester Writers’ Festival next month I have realised that it’s really not worth dwelling on. These people will read my work, they will decide for themselves.… Continue reading The less romantic truth about my writing….

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The enigma of the first three chapters

With the Winchester writers’ festival just around the corner it’s time I got my house in order, so to speak. And nothing requires more maintenance than my submission material: the first three chapters of my novel. We all know submissions have to sparkle, that the first chapters have to be perfect to hook that vital… Continue reading The enigma of the first three chapters