Goodbye panic, hello euphoria!

This week I posted my submissions for the Winchester Writers’ Festival. Three agents from three very well respected agencies and the editorial director from one of my favourite publishers will be reading my work, ready to give me a brutally honest assessment next month, face to face.

But something else happened this week, and it happened at a very opportune moment. I had just come back from the post office, the delivery receipt for my submissions in my greasy mitts and my mind already going into panic mode about my sample material, my one-to-one appointments and my writing in general when I received the best piece of news.

Catherine Tinley, my cousin (via my husband, hence the surname) is going to be published!  PUBLISHED! Not only that, she has signed a two book deal with possibly the best publisher for her genre (regency romance;) Harlequin Mills and Boon.

Suddenly, all those nerves, the uncertainty and, let’s face it, the FEAR melted away. I was jumping around the house, whooping for joy and telling anyone and everyone the news. I know just how hard Catherine has worked on her novel, the time and dedication she has put in, the uncertainly and doubt she has overcome and, more importantly, how bloody brilliant her writing is.

I’m not there yet but, with the festival looming and my submission material ready to go, who knows what may happen in the months to come. I do know this though: I won’t be giving up. If my joy for Catherine is even half of what she is feeling right now, I know it will all be worth it!

To find out more about Catherine Tinley you can follow her on twitter (@CatherineTinley) Facebook and via her website


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