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Hooray for the rewrites!

A common question people ask me when I tell them I’m writing a novel is whether I get frustrated rewriting the same story over and again. The simple answer is: No. I find it fascinating how, by making a few changes, you can alter the quality of the story so dramatically. A few extra sentences… Continue reading Hooray for the rewrites!

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Call me…Super Dooper Chapter Hooker!

This shall be my superhero name. Hmmm, maybe it’s a tad inappropriate... The hook. That jazzy little nugget that keeps your reader reading past the first few pages. But you can’t just stop there, oh no no no! You have to keep on hooking until your book is like the scratchy side of Velcro and… Continue reading Call me…Super Dooper Chapter Hooker!

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A sofa of one’s own

Office, study, a room of one’s own. This space, call it what you will, features heavily in my daydreams at the moment, particularly those “winning the lottery” fantasies. A light room with high ceilings, bookcases on each wall, a window with a view. A space to write. But is it really necessary? Do you have… Continue reading A sofa of one’s own


PICK ME! I’ll make all your dreams come true….

Aaaah, agent hunting. The weird experience of trying to find someone who likes my work enough to sign me up to their agency. It’s the publishing equivalent to internet dating. The agents all smiling their most beguiling smile, with bios that sound attractive, listing what they’re looking for in prospective authors. Choose me, they cry,… Continue reading PICK ME! I’ll make all your dreams come true….