The devil’s in the synopsis

This week has been a week of procrastination. Reading books, cleaning the kitchen floor, wiping the toothbrush stains from the sink, even EVEN doing the ironing. The ironing for goodness sake! All in the name of avoiding the one and only part of writing I do not like. The synopsis. I have dreamed about it,… Continue reading The devil’s in the synopsis


Facing Daemons

This week I’ve been staying with my parents in what I like to call my home-home, the house I grew up in. It brings back many memories, as childhood homes often do, but the one memory I have been contemplating most is the one that spurred me on to start writing again. Have you ever… Continue reading Facing Daemons


My other love…

As it’s Valentines weekend I thought I’d share one of my great loves of writing. It also happens to be one of my favourite parts of reading and one of the things I enjoyed most whilst studying for my English degree all those years ago. It is...research. What other profession allows you to study the… Continue reading My other love…

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Word Count Woes (and handy tricks to help)

I have been advised many times to keep my word count below 95,000. This is the max for any psychological thriller, ensuring the pace remains high and the hooks frequent. So, now that I have finished this bad boy (in theory) I am doing the laborious tasks of getting that word count down. Ideally, I… Continue reading Word Count Woes (and handy tricks to help)