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The ups and downs of hero worship

Sharon Bolton has written a new book (Little Black Lies: I’ll be posting a review tomorrow by the by) It is very, very good. In fact, it so good I am very much intimidated as I sit here pondering my own work.

It is needless to say that, in order to write well, you should read well. Reading gives you the necessary tools to write, paraphrasing Stephen King. But sometimes, just sometimes, reading also cripples you into a state of “Oh Jesus, I will never be that good.”      There are two psychological thriller authors who tend to install this feeling in me: one is Rosamund Lupton and the other is Sharon Bolton. I have read each of their new books this month and am thoroughly in awe.

Two options follow. I either give up, knowing that I will never come close to their skill (yeah right, for those of you who know me and my bulldog determination you know that’s not going to happen) The other option is to pull my socks up and learn all I can from their work. I choose option two.

So, instead of giving up and wallowing in a sad little puddle of self abasement I will carry on. I’m re-reading all the sections of their work that I love in order to see just how they do it, so that I can bloody well do it to. I have examined the ins and outs of their plot, characters, narrative styles and everything in between.

Most importantly, I have reminded myself that they are also human. They were once unpublished, hopeful, determined writers just like me. If they can do it, I can do it to.

And so can you.


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