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Ill equipped for nonchalance…

This is my sixth attempt at writing this post, because the previous five have been a tad over the top. I’m so used to battling through bouts of self-doubt that, when I have the opportunity to celebrate and show enthusiasm, I can go a little overboard. I am a very excitable person (from the woman who was once told to please be a little less enthusiastic about her job selling coffins. It was, apparently, creepy.)

So what am I so excited about, I hear you ask. Is it that fact that, last weekend, we got two kittens? KITTENS!

Nope. Guess again.

Is it that I’ve had so much delicious cake this week my gut is about to bust? Pflaumenkuchen, coffee and walnut cake with fresh ginger, oozy blueberry muffins, the best banana cake I’ve ever eaten?

Nope, not that either.

It is, in fact, the very thing I have been blogging about for the past…too long to count. I have….drumroll, please… (see what I mean? Slightly over the top to insert a drumroll but I couldn’t help myself.) I have an AGENT.

A real life agent, not one that I have simply made up to cure my own literary fantasies. And not just anny agent, but the wonderful Kate Burke at Diane Banks Associates. A brilliant, intelligent woman who loves the book and has some great ideas on how to make it even better.

It’s so exciting I can hardly contain myself.

There is a lot of work to do, rewriting to get stuck into, character relationships to develop, structural changes to be made, vast quantities of cake and gin to be consumed. My brain is overloaded with ideas for this book and my next.

But before I do any of that I’m going to sit back, hug my children until they squirm for release, kiss my wonderful husband right in his handsome face and enjoy this amazing feeling.

Because that is exactly how it feels: AMAZING. Absolutely bloody amazing!


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