Questions, questions.

Since coming clean about this whole writing malarkey I have been asked many, many questions. I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

  • So, when is your book getting published?

Are you kidding me? I haven’t even got an agent, let alone a publisher yet. In my dreamiest of dreams it will be another two years before this bad boy sees the light of day; a few more months to find an agent, several more months of editing with that agent before it goes out to publishers and then, if I’m lucky enough, several more months of editing with the publisher before it gets printed. This road ain’t short.

  • Someone told me that getting an agent is harder than getting a publisher, but that can’t be right?

It takes a lot of bloody hard work to get an agent. A lot of hard work. Let me remind you that if the agent doesn’t like your first line they will read no further. If they do not like your second line, they will read no further. The same goes for the third, fourth and four hundredth line. Every line must shine. (Ha, I’m a poet too.)

  • Doesn’t it get frustrating writing the same story, with the same characters, over and over again?

Yes. At times, it is hugely frustrating. But it is also very rewarding and even when it is frustrating I love it. Sometimes it’s like the best kind of puzzle that has to be solved, or a riddle that only you know the answer to.

  • You can’t be very good if you’ve had to rewrite it nine times.

Here, I want to shout in a petulant manner, “Well, you smell like a dog, so there.” But I don’t, because I am an adult. Instead I say that it has improved with every draft and will keep improving. I then wait until they’ve turned their backs to pull a stupid face and give them the finger.

  • Where do you find the time?

I find the time, simple as that. If my children are asleep, napping or at school/preschool then I write. Try turning off the TV; you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have.


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