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A Serious Case of Title Envy


That is, of course, a ridiculous exaggeration born from spending too long on in a green eyed stupor.

The Quality of Silence

Our Endless Numbered Days

The Girl With A Clock for a Heart

How do they do it? How do these guys come up with such good titles?

I have been advised that my book needs a new title. I completely agree. The only problem is I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO CALL IT.  Want to know something really frustrating? I know exactly what I will call my second book, but I can’t start writing that until the first one is finished and it won’t be completely finished until I have a title.

Choosing a good title is a skill I sadly lack at the moment and the more books I read the more envious I am becoming of other author’s really, really great titles.

A God In Ruins

Burnt Paper Sky

We Were Liars

I could go on tormenting myself.

So, what makes a good title? It should tempt the reader, let them know what kind of book they’re going to read without giving the plot away. In basic terms it is the very first hook, so it has to be strong. Whether it’s just one word, like J.S. Law’s brilliant debut, Tenacity, or a set phrase such as Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves; just make sure it’s tempting, original and memorable.

That’s easy, right? Right???


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