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Putting the Win into Winchester

  I try to keep these things below 300 words, but I really only need to use one to describe my weekend: Awesome.

  I have just had the time of my life at the Winchester Writers Festival and enjoyed every minute of it.

  I hit the road at 5.30am on Saturday and arrived in Winchester in the nick of time to see Sebastian Faulks give a really inspiring key note address. I was awestruck to be in the same room as such a talented author; he is intelligent, witty and wise and gave a great speech.

  I attended four seminars on Saturday which were very helpful, but the real highlight was the novel writing workshop on Sunday with The TV Detective author and BBC Correspondent Simon Hall. Not only was the workshop great for honing my writing skills, providing excellent advice and ideas on how to improve, but Simon Hall himself was pretty fantastic. Very supportive and enthusiastic, a great teacher as well as a great writer.

  Lastly, but by no means least, I got to meet so many talented writers from many different genres. Writing is a very solitary activity and, coming from the gregarious and social world of sales and marketing, it is at times odd to work for so long by myself. It was wonderful to spend time with so many likeminded people.

  If any of you are considering attending a writers workshop or festival I would thoroughly recommend it! I will definitely be returning to the Winchester Writers Festival.



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